Office and Home Maintenance

                       Flicking a switch or replacing a bulb can boost workplace productivity, so everything in the office should be working in perfect condition. Proper lighting, ventilation etc should be maintained. Is anything in the office is not working as expected, don't try to fix it yourself and fall into troubles, handover your headache to NTC and our professional team will arrive your office to troubleshoot and fix the issues. 


  We provide some tips for keeping office well maintained:

  • Keep a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction and a HEPA filter handy. Toxins, dust, pollen, and other allergens can accumulate in hard-to-reach spaces at the office if left unchecked. A strong vacuum cleaner can reduce the concentration of pollutants in your workspace, while the HEPA filter ensures they stay inside the bag.

  • Wipe the floor clean with a microfiber mop after vacuuming. Microfiber cleaning can remove 98% of soil and contaminants from a surface using only water. So you can get rid of those chemical-based cleaning solutions.

  • Store a few rolls of disinfecting office wipes. These wipes clean and deodorize different surfaces like wood, metal, tiles, and plastic. They’re also handy for quickly cleaning water spills, which can create a thriving environment for molds, fungi, and other microorganisms.

  • Consider using smart LED bulbs. These lights can adjust their colors and brightness to enhance performance. Workers solving a creative insight problem can dim their lights to get their brain juices flowing, while employees can relax more during breaks with red lights.

Office Organizing

A clean and efficient work environment is essential to the success of any company. It can convey a professional image to your clients as well as enhance the productivity of your employees. The way of organizing the office makes it most productive than ever. NTC is having fantastic ideas about how to organize an office.

We can even provide tips for that: 

  • Do away with the single-occupancy cubicles and replace them with desks that can accommodate two or more people.

  • Adding generic areas where people can come in to catch a breather and think in the presence of co-workers is a good idea. Just make sure you put these areas away from noisy and high-traffic locations like the stairs and restrooms.

  • Have a designated dining area to encourage your staff to take real breaks and have casual conversations instead of taking lunch at their desks.

  • And to help workers capture their ideas, place white-boards around the office and give out post-it notes.

You need more? , Then stop thinking and call us, NTC team will do the rest !